The aim of this section is to provide some answers of usual questions. Based on issues, problems or suggestions, extra questions will be added. Please, feel free to contact me directly if you have any extra questions. We will try to help you and we think it could help more people, we will add it here.

Do I need to connect to a back-end server such as AWS lambda for the component to work or does the component work directly with Stripe?

Ngx Stripe is just a wrapper around the StripeJS functionality. The scope of the library is to ease collecting payment information within an Angular Application, but in order to perform most of the operations you will need back-end code. Please check this example to collect a payment with Payment Intents.

How do I perform validation?

The whole purpose of StripeJS is to be able to collect Payment information keeping your site compliant with industry regulation without too much burden. In order to do that, information is collect inside an iFrame. We need a way to perform validation without accessing plain values. Please check this example to see how can be done.