What is ngx-stripe

Ngx Stripe is a thin wrapper around Stripe Elements. It allows adding Elements to any Angular app.

The Stripe.js reference covers complete Elements customization details.

You can use Elements with any Stripe product to collect online payments. To find the right integration path for your business, explore Stripe Docs.

The library provides three major elements:

  • Lazy script loading
  • Element Components
  • Stripe Observable wrapper

New major version

This project has not been updated for a while. After reviewing the state of the art for React and Vue counterparts, some major changes are going to be introduced to align this project with Stripe Elements .

  1. ngx-stripe will no longer maintain its own interfaces. Instead, @stripe/stripe-js has been added as peer dependency. This will make the library easier to maintain and avoid mistakes.
  2. Stripe Service has been updated with all the missing APIs from StripeJS.
  3. All the missing Element Components like IBAN, Ideal, FPX, ... have been added.
  4. Request Payment Button now has full support.
  5. Added Container Style functionality support.
  6. A Migration guide has been added with details of what have changed.
  7. The new version of library is compatible from Angular 6+ major versions. Check the Installation section see how to install an older version.
  8. All documentation has been moved to this new site.

Finally, in order to ease the transition, we are naming the old version of the library legacy and we have created some npm tags to make it easy to install older versions. Check Installation to say a complete list of available versions.